Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jackson Pollock

Occasionally I take a look at a Sunday Arts Program called Sunday Arts. I find it strange that it hosted by a very cultured voiced bloke who was previously a very good TV comedian. It is a pretty good program until the host does an in-depth interview with an artist or musician.

Anyway, tonight there is (because I gave up on watching it) a segment on the Sydney ‘Biennale’, which translated means bi-annual. Art seems to need a foreign touch to be successful.

Also required at art exhibitions is an old warehouse with crumbling limestone walls and rough jarrah floor boards.

I am not a complete Bolshie about art. I have been to a few ‘openings’ and gotten into the plonk and tucker.

Art is a very intellectual business not for the likes of me. Blue Poles, for example, is something that is beyond my comprehension. Purchased for the National Gallery it has dramatically increased in value. See it here and if you can see what it is about, please let me know.

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