Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pingelly house report

Pingelly is about 180 kilometres from Fremantle. It is a pleasant drive of about 90 minutes. At this time of year the wheatbelt is looking good with large acreages of wheat and rapeseed each side of the roads. The appointment was for 11am and we had 30 minutes to drive around the town to check out our potential neighbors. 30 minutes was plenty of time!

Pingelly, according to the 2003 census, has a population of 1141 people. I suspect that it is even less these days. Although the town looks reasonable, it, like many other regional towns is dying out. There were many empty buildings and shops. The Pingelly Shire is insisting that any person purchasing the house must open the adjoining shop (part of the sale) at least for one day a week. As the house is in the main street, they don't want any more empty buildings in the main drag.

The house was great...probably the best house in Pingelly. The lovely Jarrah staircase and spacious and numerous rooms would be attractive if the house were in another town. After the inspection we visited Narrogin and the same house there would be selling at around $700,000.

Pingelly doesn't have anything going for it. We couldn't see ourselves just enjoying the house so far from the city.

Pros: Great house at a good price.

Cons: Having to negotiate stairs to go to bed.
Nothing to do in town.
Reasonable shopping is over 50 kilometres away.
Away from family and friends.
Price of fuel.
Part-time hospital
Don't want to start a new business at our age.

Looks like the Cons win.

The salesman travelled from Perth and was happy to show us the place with no annoying pressure or follow-ups.

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Paul Weaver said...

You could have a quilt shop alongside and sell stuff online.