Saturday, July 12, 2008


We are pretty happy with where we live...a nice suburb, good neighbors and 10 minutes to Fremantle city. Our house is nice, with plenty of room and a large store room and workshop for me. So why has the idea of shifting suddenly popped up?

Pingelly is a country town in the wheatbelt of Western Australia about 90 minutes from Perth and Fremantle. I found an advert for a splendid residence there selling for an asking price of $550,000. See it here. It was built as a post office and has been made over into a wonderful house.

I was born in the country, but apart from nearly ten years in Papua New Guinea have lived mostly in the suburbs along the coast. I had to spend a year teaching at the small wheatbelt town of Goomalling and didn't like that at all. The locals were very critical of any teachers who left the town on weekends; even if they had family in the city. In the year I was there not one of the teachers received an invite to visit a farm or social event.

Writing this has almost cured me of moving to a country town. We will drive to Pingelly and do a bit of carpet crushing though.

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