Friday, July 4, 2008

Better in a week?

I have finished...I hope, the maintenance on our daughter's unit. The tenants are Indian and when I went to install the door lock hardware the wife pointed out (she can't speak English) that the basin taps no longer worked. I took a look and it seems that she had turned them off with such pressure that the knobs had stripped. I tried to explain to her in sign language that fingers are OK to turn off a tap, not strong-arm stuff. I went to Bunnings and purchased a new tap set and replaced it. Whilst I was replacing the door lock I noticed that there was a lot of water on the floor of the toilet area. Oh no; the bloody cistern I had previously installed is leaking! I got down on my knees in the water to try and find where the leak was. Nothing! I realised that my sleeve was wet from water on the toilet seat. It hit me: there was a bucket full of water with a dipper in it near the toilet and no toilet paper in the dispenser. The old Asian toilet trick!

This morning I went to have a haircut. I am inexperienced at visiting a hairdresser; I usually hack away at my own hair with a razor blade apparatus. The first 'salon' near us was full and the cost posted was $17 - $19. I drove to Kardinya Park shopping centre where the cost was $21 and I sat down waiting for my turn. There were four young gals cutting and whatevering four women and the eight of them were loudly discussing 14 topics. I got up and walked out and drove to Fremantle wharf to the markets in E Shed. The going rate there was $12.50 and I waited a short time to get in the chair. The young lady asked 'how I would like it'. Several answers there, but I suggested No2 on the sides and No3 on top. She commented that I must like it short and I sort of wondered then whether I had got it right. She did the sides first and then the first harvest over the top looked like a US Marine haircut. Eeeek! Too late then and now I look like I should go and get a few tattoos to match. 'A week and it'll be a number four', she consoled.

I tried to see some pros to offset the cons. 1. It will be easy to wash and comb. 2. I can put a shirt on without messing up my hair. 3. I will get to see some movies at home until it grows.


Paul Weaver said...

An Indian dunny brush? Only joking.

Anonymous said...

I'd recognise that face anywhere. I have some photography equipment of yours that I borrowed from you in about 1999.... can I give it back now? It has been in my garage for about 6 years. email!

Danielle (nee Ottey)