Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Notes from a Padded Cell

Trolling the net for articles/blogs about Papua New Guinea I came across a wonderful page by Jim Austin called 'Jim Austin's Notes from a Padded Cell'. There are short stories covering a wide range of topics including some from his PNG experience. Jim lives in Vermont USA. Check it out here, it is a great read.

Our friend Brian had his triple bypass operation on Friday and is doing well. Marg, his wife, says that he is doing well as he is starting to whinge about being in hospital.

Today I visited John, our friend who is in care . No change on that front. He imagines that his wife Joy visits him about every three weeks. Today is the first time she hasn't visited him in a couple of months as she travelled to York looking at houses and employment possibilities for their daughter Sue. York is about 97 kilometres from Perth and is one of the original country settlements in Western Australia. See here about York.

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