Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dying seagulls

Today there was a news report of a couple of hundred seagulls suddenly dying at Woodmans Point. See, there is a God!

On ABC radio talkback this morning a caller suggested that they all died of cholesterol induced heart attacks caused by stealing chips from diners' plates in the fishing boat harbour.

It has not been determined what did them in. Autopsies and tissue samples have not shown any cause as yet. It is amazing that this problem has not affected the other sea birds at Woodmans...pelicans, cormorants, terns etc. The local landfill site is a very popular place for all these birds and thousands of them congregate there picking over the juicy morsels from suburban garbage bags. At the tip site,the council has a bird scatterer gun going off at regular intervals, to no avail.

Joan and I pruned our roses on Monday and yesterday I transplanted a lot of broad bean plants from a shady area out the back of our house in amongst the rose stumps in the front yard. They will get full sun in that northerly aspect. It looks a bit dumb with vegetables in the rose garden.

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