Friday, October 17, 2008

Bee time

I took Helen's car to the our tame panel beater and he gave me a cashy deal @ $550. Helen moaned a bit about that much, but I justified it by saying that a set of tyres would cost more than that and anyway we will pay half of it; balancing what our son gets from us weekly.

The panel man's yard was full of vehicles awaiting repairs, but he told me to bring Helen's car in on Thursday and it should be finished by Friday evening. He likes a bit of tax free in hand for the weekend.

It is spring and bee swarming season. We had a large swarm doing a tornado impersonation in our backyard and settling in one of our trees. Fortunately that part of the tree was in a neighbor's yard and when I offered to terminate the swarm the wife came over all green and wanted them saved. She rang a local bee man and he told her that as they were so high in the tree, he could not easily take them away for one of his hives. He too offered a termination service.

I googled bee swarms and it seems that the tree bit is just a temporary stop-over until they find a nice hive place, and sure enough they moved on the next day. Bees like to find a place with a relatively small opening into a larger chamber to establish a a wall ventilator. Once a hive has been established, even if the bees are destroyed, other bees can find the same place to hive next year.

At our unit where our son Martin lives there is a hive in the cavity wall and bees get into the second bedroom through the internal wall vent. I rang the corporate body for the units and they have had several other complaints and a pest management company has been given the job of getting rid of them all. Have you noticed how the names have changed from Pest Exterminators to Pest Management? Is that PC talk or a realisation that most of these pest problems can only be managed and not solved completely?

There is a house quite close to us in our suburb where we have noticed a couple of their cars with varying amounts of new damage. This week we saw that one of them has entered the garage without opening it. Methinks it is a case of DUI.

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