Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vintage aircraft

I had occasion to visit a hangar at Jandakot Airport yesterday. It is an aviation geek's paradise with around 12 aircraft being restored. There are a few 'war birds' there; a Harvard trainer, several Boeing Stearman trainers and an F86 Sabre Jet, as well as various other birds including helicopters and a Dc3 still in service.

There was a P51 Mustang there until recently, but that has been sold to an enthusiast in South Australia.

I don't know who owns all the aircraft and I am guessing that the workshop/hangar is financed by owners. I would love to work there!

The Stearmans have a lovely radial engine with exposed cylinders. Lots of timber and canvas and great paint. They were the American/Canadian equivalent to the Tiger Moth. Still lots of them flying around the world as with the Tiger Moth.

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