Friday, October 10, 2008

of cabbage moths

Yesterday a friend Dennis and I visited John at his nursing home. I gave him a haircut and we had a fairly lucid conversation. We were sitting on the front verandah of the home and John, out of the blue, told us that Joy, his wife, had purchased one of the parking bays out the front saying that she doesn't use her bay and has probably resold it at a loss. The bays are not for sale and I figured this is part of his current concern about their finances. Earlier in the week he did a runner from the nursing home and when found, he had given a householder a quote for cleaning up his front garden.

Joy has heard that there is a possibility that the nursing home is to be sold, probably for the land value in that suburb. If so she hopes to place John in care closer to her home.

Years ago I wondered whether places like the Soviet Union with its closed society could talk up economic conditions to the point where the population believed that all was well. With the current economic crisis I think I see just that being done by our Prime Minister and others in the finance sector. Mr Rudd is repeatedly telling us that Australia is well placed to weather this storm compared to the Europeans, Asia and the United states. Our banks aren't about to collapse. Our economy is going to see us through this crisis. Last night on ABC's Today Tonight he looked decidedly pale and a bit stressed. Hope he is correct.

My small garden is under attack from white cabbage moths. I bought a cheapo set of Badminton racquets and went out to give it to em. The moths have incredibly small brains and when I stand still with no weapon, they flap around me like I am a bright light. Pull out the Badminton racquet and they are very difficult targets. I have downed a few of them and have found the backhand and uppercut stroke to be most effective. On the downside I have strained a few unused muscles.

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