Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daylight saving

Here we go again. In the next few months there will be more talk about daylight saving than about the recession and the Iraq war. As with most controversial topics the people who are satisfied with it will not be vocal; only those who hate it.

It would seem that about 75% of this state's population is against daylight saving. It doesn't bother us at all and I can sympathise with W.A. businesses wanting it as their eastern states counterparts close up for the day three hours before us here. Too bad if you have to call a Sydney business house after 2pm W.A. time.

The feeling is that the next referendum on the subject will be final and that W.A. will not have Daylight Saving after this year.

The only downside I can see is that we have had to change the clock settings on 29 clocks. Cars; phones,VCRs, DVD recorder, ovens, wall clocks, wrist watches, computers and that doesn't include digital cameras. This would upset a few of our seniors if they don't have a 12 year old grandkid on hand.

We have had two days keeping bro-in-law Mike company whilst Dorothy, his wife, has had a complete knee replacement. Sleeping in a new bed doesn't work for us. The next shift is with him now and Dorothy has prepared a spreadsheet with his daily routine and times for carers visits and tablets.

I don't think Dorothy is going to be very mobile for a long time. She started on her physio yesterday. They have a torture device which bends the leg at the knee to inflict great pain. Apparently those patients who don't fully participate in the physio programme end up with little improvement from the operation.


Robert@PNG said...

No DST time in Papua New Guinea. We have basically 3 or 4 time slots here: morning, midday, afternoon and night.

Although appointment keeping becomes a difficult task - without that almost obsessive adherence to western time standards - life seems so much simpler.


Anonymous said...

Our new solar panels are making the meter run backwards. True. Maybe we should advance the clocks by a few more hours. LOL. Paul.