Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bronwin Owen

Today a friend and I visited Bronwin at her retirement village in Armadale. Bronnie is 99 years of age turning 100 next April. She is holding out for her letter from the Queen.

Her retirement village is in stark contrast to the place our friend John is in. Most, if not all the residents do not have dementia. No locks on the doors there.

Bronwin is remarkable. At 99 she can remember us both well and other classmates from her class of 1951. Her body is showing her age, but she is sharp as a tack. A remarkable lady! I suspect she never smoked, drank or even swore.

Another friend died yesterday after some weeks in a Hospice in Brisbane. Each time I rang him he sounded bright and lucid. He went quickly and died Monday morning. He was 68.

Joan is away for a week down at Bunbury on a fabric workshop. I am unsure whether it is quilting, fabric arty stuff or whatever. She rings regularly and seems to be having a good time. Even though I have the King Size bed to myself I cannot get used to taking up the whole bed.

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Belmont Paul said...

Kev I liked the comment on the white moths but I am a bit concerned as what could happen if they get into the half empty double bed. Don't get to carried away with the racket? You may end up spraining more than you anticipated.

The info on your early days at school was interesting and that you left to work State Engineering. Did you work in the Fremantle area.