Monday, October 13, 2008

Our daughter Helen dropped in after work today to show me a minor scrape she had managed to give her car. It was pretty minor, but still probably $400 worth of panel beating and paint. She rang her insurance company SGIO to find out what her excess was, to decide whether to make a claim or just have it repaired. When she gave the operator her policy details he asked about the extent of the damage to assess whether the company would charge her more for her next annual premium. She quickly told him that it was only a scratch. At the same time she advised them of a change of address from Victoria Park to South Perth. The man then said that there might be an increase due to a higher risk of accidents in that area. BS! For those who don't know, South Perth is a far more upmarket suburb than Vic Park.

I will take her car to my tame panel beater for a cash deal.

In tonight's news there was an interesting item about John Quigley a lawyer, now Labour state politician. His house and boat were painted with large letters claiming that he is a child molester. He reckons it is a bent cop. His evidence for this is a spelling mistake in the text. Johnno says that in 28 years as a police lawyer he saw that 'cops are useless spellers'. Don't think that would hold up in court John.

John did upset a few cops when he helped one Andrew Mallard get out of the big house after an appeal against his murder charge. Mallard was inside for 12 years and looks like getting a BIG government sorry payment...something like $10 million.

As a result of the appeal and the freeing of Mallard, several top cops are suspended and likely to face charges.

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