Saturday, February 21, 2009

Avian discrimination

I read an article in today's newspaper about the Israeli President selecting Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Ben was described as Hawkish. This is blatant discrimination against hawks! How is it that Hawks get to be the bad guys and Eagles the proud, good guys that many nations have used as national symbols?

The almost concerning interest in Free Computers as communicated to all and sundry has made me a little worried about the possibility of Apple Computer asking me about software licencing. Asking me??? They could sue the poo out of me! I have thought it over and the operating system I am loading on each machine can no longer be purchased from Apple and so could well fall into the category of 'Legacy Software'. Also, I wonder about the millions of computers that end up changing hands and given to others without the original OS disks? I don't think Apple would want bad publicity over a handful of Macs going to worthy cases if it went to court.

I just rang an Apple retailer and neither OS 10.3 or 10.4 are for sale. The salesperson suggested that they could possibly be bought on eBay or a local free paper called the Quokka.

Yesterday I talked with an IT colleague at a large W.A. senior high school and he informed me that they have up to 400 PCs heaped in passageways. The government has a policy of turning over computers every 4 years. There are 64 government high schools in overload!

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Anonymous said...

Hawkes and Eagles as leaders? Here in Oz we have Budgies. Much better.