Monday, February 16, 2009

Second chance

Just had a few drinks with my brother Graham. He has been single, apart from a few short partnerships, for the last 24 years. Just lately he has been working at finding a partner to spend the rest of his life with. He is almost ten years younger than me. It seems that he has found a soul-mate and they have spent lots of time together over the past two weeks. At his age, 59, he and his new partner have much to come to terms with.....she likes opera and ballet; Graham doesn't. 'What is the point of listening to Pavarotti if he sings in a foreign language????' Graham likes different music, different food and different comedy. I guess a successful partnership recognises individual differences. Ours does.

I have made up some fliers to put up in shopping centres to place all the computers I have readied to give away. I suspect that people will not believe that I am offering free computers, tutorials and telephone backup with no 'catches'. Landfill is the only other option.

We were tonight thinking back on our South Pacific cruise. The fares were too cheap allowing too many yobbos to disturb our once in a lifetime. Mr. Rudd is to blame...throwing lots of dollars at the peasants. Confession here....we got a handout from Kev too. I guess that the money did help suppliers and their employees. Someone in Australia must get some benefit from the 16 miles of cocktail sausages etc purchased in Sydney prior to departure.

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Anonymous said...

You brother is thinking "old opera."

I have some really interesting modern stuff by composer John Adams: Nixon in China; The Death of Klinghoffer; Doctor Atomic. All in English. Cheers, Paul.