Friday, February 27, 2009

Botox Bert

One of the requests for a free computer I received yesterday was from a first year university student. Our education system is in crisis if this young guy graduates.
Last night I sat through a repeat of 'Botox' Bert Newton's TV program 20 - 1. It was called the 20 biggest dummy spits......most of them very old shots of people getting a bit testy. Poor TV!

Telstra's boss Sol Trujillo has announced he is going back home to the U.S.. He is taking his Three Amigos with him. When Sol won the top job, he imported three of his U.S. colleagues from home to help him fix Australia's telco. He is leaving us with a nice package of $3m cash and up to $20m in options.
Not bad for a 3 year stint at the reins. Last year his salary package was $13.4M.
Prime Minister Rudd was asked what he thought of Sol's departure and all he could manage was 'Adios'. Sol looks like a Mel Brooks character.

Telstra has not been doing as well of late. Many people are using mobile phones rather than traditional landlines.

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