Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last night Joan went to a meeting of WAFTA (W.A. Fibre and Textile Association) It finished quite late and we ate when she returned home. I was watching a documentary by an English chap named Louis Theroux. Yes I know,that doesn't really sound like a Britisher, but he is.
The doco was quite disturbing. It dealt with a religious cult in the U.S. and their railings against the Fag government . They specialise in going to funerals of military people killed in Iraq and Afganistan and yelling insults and waving large signs declaring the dead to be faggots and never to see heaven. It seems that the government is to blame by allowing same sex marriages and that all citizens, apart from them, have condoned it.

As usual they have an elderly prophet having fathered lots of children in the group. Unlike many other crazy sects this lot have the most foul abuse to anyone who is not of their faith. It would seem that only they are going to get to heaven. I am surprised that in such a gun-happy society nobody has dispatched them and sent them off to heaven.

One of the units we own has had a fence problem for some time. I entered into a verbal agreement with the neighbor of our unit....I would have another row of limestone blocks laid and he would replace the three sheets of fibro-cement fencing. Easy....except he didn't keep his end of the bargain. I rang him this evening and it was still a no go. 'Maaaaate, I have been in hospital several liver has packed it in....I will do the job if I can get me missus to help coz I'm as weak as a kitten!' Yeah Right! BS artist!

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