Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last day at sea

Yesterday (Thursday) Dorothy and Joan went along to the Art Auction again. Free bubbles were the major attraction – neither intended to bid on anything. They were hopeful there might be bottles up for grabs again. There weren’t, just glasses offered to the audience. I watched from the gallery above.

As most of our friends know, I am not an art aficionado. If it can’t be photographed it ain’t real.

The auction was selling originals and prints of sort of known artists for enormous prices. There weren’t a lot of buyers from the Aus. Yobbos. We know what is likely to be an investment and it isn’t some European sounding name who is flogging off prints of his/her mediocre ‘art’ at an inflated price.

Both of the girls know a bit about art and weren’t impressed either. Of the hundreds of pieces that were being flogged they identified about five that they liked – except for the prices, which they felt were far too high. But several pieces were sold to young couples.

There is a final auction today – the last day of the cruise. The only reason to attend will again be the free bubbles. Not much is free on this cruise.

We arrive in Sydney at 7 am tomorrow and start disembarkation at 8.30. They reckon they will have everyone off the ship by 10 am.

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