Thursday, February 19, 2009

The power of the internet

A friend, Paul, writes a daily blog. This morning he wrote about my efforts to distribute refurbished computers to needy people locally. His posting included my email address and by 11am I had fielded about 15 emails and phone calls from people wanting one of the Macs. By evening two computers had been collected and another 8 were set aside for weekend pickups. I wasn't really prepared for such a response. I shall have to get busy preparing another lot in case this level of interest continues. Also during the day I received two emails from people who want to donate more Macs. I admit to feeling a sense of satisfaction from the response and the genuine thanks that I have received from those who have contacted me.

The amazing trail of the spread of this information started with a lady who told me that she had read Paul's blog and would put the information on a librarians' news site. From there it went to a number of other sites; probably about ten.

A young woman who came at 7pm to collect one of the computers, works for Aboriginal Affairs and has also had a lot to do with Women's Refuges and female ex-prisoners. She can see that placing some of these computers in refuges and prisons will greatly benefit these unfortunate women. I hope I can continue to collect and distribute machines that otherwise would end up in landfill.

Paul's blog can be read here...well worth a serious look.

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