Friday, May 22, 2009

Amy has passed on

Amy Sweetman has died. She was 91 and had lost most of her thinking ability. Amy put up with a fair bit of Kev as a teenage neighbour...noisy cars and motorbikes and of course a one-year outdoor trumpet practice. I liked her and the family. Gail, a daughter, was a very comely gal who became an Air Hostess and died in a major aircrash in the north of the state.

Brother Graham and I will attend her funeral as they have done the same for our family losses.

I have a couple of photography jobs tomorrow; one of which is a wedding. This is a strange wedding which has only four participants.....the happy couple and my brother and his friend as witnesses. The ceremony is to take place on the banks of the Swan River and I hope the weather holds off for at least the time frame of wedding and pics. It is not a biggy as there are only six people, the bride and groom, my brother and partner as witnesses and the celebrant.

Not too many worries about this wedding. Some of the weddings I have photographed in the past have been quite stressful. Imagine if you will, a large Italian wedding where you stuff up the camera settings and have to leave the country before the aggrieved family puts out a contract on you.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Sweetmans living in Moreing Rd Attadale, and Gail as a schoolgirl.

Kev said...

They lived next door to us in Murray Road Bicton.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Sweetmans living in Moreing Rd, near the highway were part of the extended family? When was Gail born?