Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

Our daughter Helen treated us to lunch for Mothers Day. We went to an Italian restaurant in Fremantle named Sandrinis. Good food and service. Helen's boyfriend accompanied us and I must say he is an easy going likeable bloke. I didn't realise how popular Fremantle is on a weekend. The place was packed out!

The origin of Mothers Day is not new. This link takes you to the Writers Almanac and if you use the 'Listen' button you can hear the text read by Garrison Keillor. We are subscribed to the Writers Almanac and get a daily dose of poetry and history.

When we returned home from the Mothers Day lunch we opened a bottle of bubbly and (I) settled down to watch the footy. Not a bad match with a little bit of Biffo to keep things interesting. The right team won! Later I decided to try a recipe using Angel Wing pearl meat. We had read about this 'new' shellfish and thought that it was about time the flesh of pearl shell should be used as food. Wrong! The pearl shell has a muscle to open and close the shell, but it also has a huge amount of guts in there. Foul....don't bother with it.

Helen had a search out in our store room for a book on Chickens for her pre-school class. She found it and the book had some nice illustrations of roosters.
Made me think of the little ditty by Ogden Nash 1902-1971....... The Rooster is a boisterous hoodlum, His battle cry is Cock-a-doodlum, Hands in pocket, cap over eye, He whistles at pullets passing by.

I suggested to Helen that she ask her kids for help about which came first; the egg or the chicken. I can recall my grandfather posing that one to me when I was about six. I still haven't worked it out.

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