Saturday, May 16, 2009

The referendum on Daylight Saving

We have just returned from voting. There are two polls on at the moment…the election of the member for Fremantle and the Daylight Saving referendum. We are not in the Fremantle electorate so only had to do the Daylight Saving vote. We both voted for it by placing a YES in the space. As we left I thought it would have been interesting if we were given a preferential vote on that ticket.?? No, but yes is my second choice.

Last night Joan and her sister Dorothy went to the opening of the Cockburn City’s ‘Showoff 5’ exhibition. Joan has three pieces in the exhibition. Showoff is in the refurbished Community Hall on Rockingham Road.

In the last few days I have received offers of 15+ computers for my give away project. They are eMacs and all in good order. They come from an advertising/publishing house and have plenty of RAM (memory) and very nice inbuilt speakers. I am trying to get our son interested in helping me so that he is not just idling the day away on his own. We’ll see!?

When our daughter Helen was studying at university she worked part time at an optical laboratory. I was able to get new glasses fitted to my old frames for either nothing or a carton of beer. Helen no longer has contacts there and so I need to get new glasses from an optical dispenser. TV adverts about a ‘cheap’ deal for glasses led me to SpecSavers.
Glasses aren’t cheap anymore. To get new multi-focal lenses fitted to my old frame costs around $350 for the lenses and an extra $99 for Reglazing. I thought reglazing only applied to windows!

It might be a good deal to have a week in Bali, get new glasses, a dentist to work on what teeth I have left, buy a few copy watches and DVDs and relax in the hotel and do a few tours. Mid year is around the coolest months for Bali. Don’t know how we lived in Papua New Guinea with all that tropical humidity without going ‘Troppo’.

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Anonymous said...

Hi referendum loser. Specs are free every year when you are with HBF. :)