Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There is always someone worse than you

Today I went to our son's's actually our place that we rent to him on a non taxable, almost none-income basis. I hired a carpet cleaner and took a new set of tap furniture to replace taps in the kitchen. His carpets were like the floor of a cocky's cage but they came up pretty well. The new taps look pretty smart but they stand out like a toilet in a desert compared to the rest of the kitchen.

We have to replace the range hood in his (our) kitchen. It is not an exhaust system merely a recirculating one which will require much more cleaning. We thought we would be up for quite a few dollars, but we found that $80 bought us a smart looking replacement unit. Will Martin regularly clean it? We live in hope.

I left Martin cleaning the carpets whilst I went to buy him some food and household supplies. The shopping centre is named the Kwinana Hub and ever you are feeling a bit down or think that you are not a fashionista you should take a trip to Kwinana and spend some time amongst the folks at the Kwinana Hub. I guarantee you will feel much better after seeing how the other half look. Tattoo town!

We have been thinking about getting a solar electric generating unit. With the government subsidy of $8,000 dollars, a 1 kilowatt unit installed would cost about $2,450 and feed back surplus energy into the grid. If we were grey nomads and went on regular caravan trips like my cousin, we could be getting payment cheques from Western Power on a regular basis. The only trouble with setting it up on our roof is that the the North facing roof is at the front of the house and we don't really want to spoil the look of the roof with a large glass box. There might be enough room on the garage roof which faces in a north easterly direction. Got to make a decision soon as the economic downturn has caused the government to discontinue the subsidy in June.

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