Monday, May 25, 2009

A cool wedding

Geoff and Bea were married on the bank of the Swan River near Blackwall Reach. It didn't rain, but it was cold. Bea has recently come to Australia from Canada so she thought the weather was just fine. The celebrant was a Bronwyn Bishop lookalike and gave them their money's worth with a long ceremony. I took the photos and I can attest that it was brass monkey weather.
My brother Graham; Geoff and Bea and Graham's partner Faye being ministered to by 'Bronwyn Bishop',

This morning I went to our son's unit to do a bit of maintenance. We installed a new rangehood and surprisingly it went together with ease and it looks very nice. Next we changed some tap washers and replaced a rubber seal in the toilet cistern. Finally I filled a small area of burnt formica on the laundry benchtop with plastic car bog and smoothed it off. Martin, our son, says that a cigarette lighter was faulty and it caught on fire...Oh yea! We also measured up the floor space where there is crappy linoleum. That will be replaced with better quality linoleum soon. Pity we can't claim repairs against taxation as we are virtually giving Martin free rent.

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