Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daylight saving

The referendum on daylight saving in Western Australia is to be held this coming weekend. Every day in the local daily newspaper there are arguments for and against daylight saving and in a public forum a bit of nasty slanging was thrown around between opposing proponents. Not much chance of Palestinians and Israelis finding peace when there is bitterness about such an issue as daylight saving. We are quite happy about daylight saving and I enjoy reading the letters page with the pathetic anti-daylighters' reasoning.

I have, this week, received a couple of offers to share in large lumps of cash. We are reasonably well off, so I will forward these emails on to any readers who might like to 'cash in' on this opportunity.

The texts of both messages are here....

There is an issue with the Western Union® Nigeria,the sum of $1,000,000.00 USD was credited to directed in cash,your email address was tagged the owner.


I am SGT Joey, with the US Army in Iraq, we have 20,000,000.00 USD and we want to move it out of Iraq , respond for complete detailed plan as you will be entitled to 8 Million USD.

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