Monday, May 18, 2009

A weekend of losses

There were a few losses this weekend. Both W.A. footy teams lost to those brutish eastern states teams...Boo!

Then there was a loss for the Australian Labor Party in the Fremantle by-election. The Greens won that one ending Labor's 85 year strangle-hold on the seat. The demographics of Fremantle has slowly been changing from a workers' town to a Latte sipping mob with the odd hippy dreadlocker thrown in.

Lastly the referendum on daylight saving was lost to the no vote. My goodness there are already gloating letters of the naysayers hitting the paper. My brother Graham has a friend who was ready to slash his wrists if the Yes vote won out. Bro commissioned me to make up a label for a bottle of Sunlight dishwashing liquid to give to his mate.
Click on the image to enlarge.

This morning we were casually going about our morning activities when the doorbell heralded the surprise arrival of my cousin, his wife and another couple we spent time in Bali with some years ago. It shouldn't have been a surprise as I had arranged the day and time for the visit last week. Duh!!
Fortunately we had some cake and plenty of tea bags and we were forgiven and a pleasant morning ensued.

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