Sunday, April 25, 2010

American Pie

It is ANZAC day today and recent newspapers have had stories of exploits of our military in two world wars and other 'minor' wars since Federation.

In the weekend edition of the Australian newspaper there was an article featuring a Japanese veteran of the Kokoda battles. He returned to Papua New Guinea in 1979 and remained there until 2005 searching out and collecting bones of buried Japanese troops on and near the Kokoda Track.

In an interview with the Australian's reporter, Ross Coultard, Nishimura made an admission that to survive he had eaten the flesh of enemy troops, but he claims that he ate the flesh of Americans only. Was this a case of supply and demand or just being careful not to offend Australians?

We recently attended a meeting with our financial advisor in West Perth. West Perth is the financial and medical district and it has large parking bays, no doubt to allow for BMWs and Jags and the hourly rate is $2.90 per hour, more than most other areas around Perth.
Room enough for a Lambo?

It seems that we weathered the financial crisis rather well and we have enough cash to see us out. When the man asked how we were, Joan told him about her fight with the Big C and he immediately launched into a plan for the future and I had to tell him that we didn't yet want to go down that path.

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