Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surprisingly Australian?

I managed to replace all the swollen capacitors in the eMac I was trying to repair, but they were not the problem. It has been demolished and all the good bits saved as spares.

Last night on TV there was a program named The Fabulous Story of Poop. It was crap! Literally!

Animal, Insect and birds were covered...not one mention about human crap. The Poo has many uses it seems....perfumes, medicines, building materials and food etc.

Dung Beetles got a honourable mention and we saw closeup footage of them getting stuck into cow patties...Yum!

The presenter claimed that researchers refer to poo as Roses.

I get a bit confused with signs. When I see a sign for a Secondhand Shop I wonder if it is selling second hands or is it a second-hand store ? On a packet of bacon this morning I noticed that the manufacturer announced that the contents are 'Surprisingly Australian'. Help me here...what does that mean.

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