Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dead iMacs

Just when I thought I could wind down the computer repair projects I was given four iMacs by W.A. Newspapers Pty Ltd. They are in various states of disrepair and they thought it was better that I have a go repairing them rather than sending them off to landfill.

The are quite recent machines, but two of them have been dropped on the floor of the Graphics Department of 'The West' and they don't bounce. The hard drives have been removed from all of them so that their data is secure.

We have a later model of the same line of iMacs and I am looking forward to getting inside them and seeing if I am lucky enough to get one or two working out of the four.

Last week I had a request for a couple of machines for two aboriginal women. One is quite young and has established an Aboriginal modelling agency. It is in its infancy, but the Welfare Officer I work with hopes that it will be successful. The other woman has severe depression and wants a computer to get on the net and play games. I have two good machines ready to deliver as soon as I get addresses.
So that's what is behind the screen.

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