Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo restoration

When visiting Joan's uncle and aunt last week I gave myself a job to repair a poor photo of her grandparents. Joan's aunty is right into the family tree. I said I would give it a go with Photoshop.

Restoring badly damaged photos is like trying to make money out of repairing computers...sometimes you can discover some small fault quickly and walk out with the cash in no time. Restoring photos can be pretty easy also..if there is little damage to the original.

I have never charged for looking at someone's computer and some of the machines I have tried to fix would have cost lots even at 50c per hour.

I spent about an hour on this photo. It is not a great job, but at least they have one that is easily recognisable as the rellies.

The Original

Converted to B&W

Restored (of sorts)
The difficult jobs, when large parts of the photo are missing or torn, rely on a bit of artistic licence.

When this photo was taken, in the 1950s oldies still didn't smile in formal photographs, however I get the feeling that Joan's Nan was sick and maybe close to her time.

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