Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cats and Dinosaurs

We have had a number of cats. We like cats, in fact Joan's sister wants to buy one for Joan when we return from Brisbane. I have reservations!

We have a neighbor's cat visit us regularly. We don't feed it and it still drifts by for a bit of a talk and leg rub. There are two other large cats who visit during the night and use our place for very noisy fights and a toilet. Most of the houses in this area probably don't have garden beds like ours and I guess the cats seek us out to do their thing(s). The fights are very annoying and go on until I get up and chase them off. The poo in the garden beds and vegetable plot is very annoying. Cats don't bury their poo too deeply and as I water my vegies, large lumps emerge from the ground like horror movie corpses. You may say that it's fertiliser, but just like dog turds they remain solid lumps of worthless....poo.

Last night there was a fight out side our rear door. They didn't stop when I shone a strong light on them. One was a large muscular looking Tabby and the other was an overweight Siamese. After I chased them off I collected a couple of handfuls of fur. Tabby 1 Siamese 0 although there were a few traces of Tabby fur in the heap.

On the weekend I purchased a second-hand A3 printer. It is an HP Deskwriter 9300. It was fitted with new cartridges and works like a charm. I have many vintage negatives to print large prints from. It cost $40.

I recently read where there is new theory about the demise of dinosaurs. This one says that an ice age did away with them..all of them. I think this cartoon could be the key to their extinction. Wouldn't want them fighting in your back yard!

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Always better to choose your own cat in your own time.