Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Australian Gothic

I haven't really had time to sit down and write over the past few days. Over the weekend I helped my daughter and her husband James 'do over' their front garden. They wanted to get rid of some messy plants/trees, removed a lot of mulch (two trips to the tip) and replaced it with native plant soil and some more native plants. It ended up looking pretty good. Natives don't require much watering and it makes sense to plant them when we are facing water restrictions next summer.
                     Australian Gothic with apologies to Grant Wood

Each weekend there seems to be a couple of near riots at house parties in the Perth Metro area. There are a number of reasons mobs 'crash' parties and I guess the social media plays a big part in spreading the news about a party to attend. Police squads, dogs etc attend and often vehicles, including police vehicles, get damaged. Very few of the miscreants are arrested.

The solution might end up with parents not having parties for their kids or counselling invitees not to tell the world about it on Facebook. Alternatively, the police could advise the mob that they are about to read them the Riot Act and follow up with a water cannon. I guess in these times the police are concerned about some bogan getting hurt and taking legal action.

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Bernie said...

Lawn looks great. What is your weather like just now? Our summer has finally arrived, not blistering hot in Alberta but other places are having a heat wave. Be well.....:-) Hugs