Monday, June 11, 2012


Today I went to look at a car advertised in the Sunday paper.    It is a 1964 Toyota Crown Deluxe.  The owner has it for sale for $5,500 and it is near original condition.  We owned one of these for a short period when we were home on leave from Papua New Guinea in 1971.   Great car with many innovations not seen in Australian made cars of the time.
After taking it for a 'spin' he showed me his other cars.  He has a magnificent Alvis saloon, a 1927 Wolesely a 1946 Ford V8  sedan and a car under construction being hand made by this very skilled man.

It soon became obvious that we were very similar in many ways.  We both had a youth of motorcycles, both had restored and built cars, both owned an ex-cray boat and we both own a vintage gramophone.  Top that off with the fact that we are both 72 years of age and both lost a wife around 18 months ago.

I liked the Toyota, but once I saw the Ford V8 I feel like paying more to get the Ford @  $22,000.   On the other hand I shall allow myself a cooling off period of a few days and most probably not get into the vintage car business and just stick to distributing computers.

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