Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On-line shopping

I get almost daily emails from a Chinese mail order site. I cannot recall buying anything from them before, but I have succumbed to making a couple of purchases over the past week. The prices are amazing and most items are freight free to Australia. I have purchased from other Chinese based companies in the past..mainland China and Hong Kong and been more than satisfied with the results. The only poor purchase was of a package of rechargeable AA batteries....hardly any of them worked properly.

On the site where I made my latest purchase I found a Dick Tracy watch....a watch which is also a mobile phone. If you don't know who Dick Tracy is then you might want to read up on him here. I didn't buy the watch. Imagine answering the wrist phone/watch in a busy shopping centre. Embarrassing!

Anyway, my two purchases are a 16Gb flash drive which is concealed in a functioning pen and a photographer's fill-in flash. Ridiculously low prices and useful stuff. On the same site are dozens of smart-phone knock-offs running Android software. China is the new Japan for copies of anything.

Friends living in Sydney recently returned from trip which included Hawaii and Japan. In Japan Albert was in demand with young students wanting to practise their English. Here is Albert surrounded by some lovelies. He reckons it is the hat that does it.
                                   Albert and lovelies at Osaka Station


Bernie said...

your post reminded me to add a flash drive to my shopping list. I want to download some ebooks. What size do you suggest Kev, they are expensive here, or I think they are. Albert looks quite happy.....:-)Hugs

Kev said...

8GB is fine for most saves.


Richard said...

Kev --- we think the Net shopping thing will really hurt retail outlets, even more in the future than currently
My wife buys hardcover books so much cheaper from UK and U S sources, and some of these outlets are freight free. Saves lugging them home in the bags in the aircraft holds as we used to do in the mid to late 2000s, from London in particular

And she can buy chlorine-resistant swimmers from the US cheaper than at Myer or other Oz shops. And they have to be freighted here, into the bargain.