Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No old car, but a new one

I decided to pass on the vintage car(s). I am too old to start out again with old cars. My car was still giving me a few problems yesterday....not serious stuff but enough to pain me as I have not been able to convince the service people that it is actually at fault. Driving past the sale yard yesterday I drove in and asked how much they would trade my car in on another model and I drove out today with a Hyundai i45. Nice car and I promised myself I would not be getting it serviced at their service centre.

I have ranted at graphic artists and the way they leave their computers with hair, crumbs and drink in the keyboards. About half of my work refurbishing computers is giving keyboards a detailing.
Yesterday I confess to breaking my own rules and tipped a large mug of coffee into my new Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. Much swearing, drying off with tissues and hairdrier and the mouse is back in town, but the keyboard still has a single key which doesn't want to work. Not a biggy.....tomorrow we are expecting a nice sunny day and I will set the keyboard out in the sun for a bit more TLC.

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