Thursday, June 7, 2012

Laughing alone

I am a great fan of the TV series, The Big Bang Theory.  For me, alone in the house, I find it quite strange to hear myself laughing out loud at the show. It is also a bit pseudo-intellectual and I can feel that I am still 'with it' if I understand most of the geeky jokes.
                                                       The cast.

John, my friend who recently died, suffered for years from Lewy Body disease.  Lewy Body attacks the brain and leads to hallucinations, Parkinsons-like rigidity and eventual, over some years, death.    Some time ago when researching Lewy Body I came across a wonderful blog by a woman who was caring for her father suffering from Lewy Body.  When I read all of her blog I told John's wife Joy about the blog and she too felt it was a wonderful testament of caring for someone close.   It is humorous without being depreciating.....a must read.  Find it here.

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Bernie said...

One of my favorite shows and I often wonder if someone walking by the house heard me laughing so hard, if they would think I had totally lost it.....enjoy