Saturday, June 30, 2012

Elna Grasshopper

I recently had one of Joan's vintage sewing machines serviced as I have been thinking of selling most of them. This one is an Elna portable nicknamed 'The Grasshopper' because of its green livery.
                         The Elna case is also a foldout sewing table.

The serviceman is a nice Italian fellow who was very interested to see one of these machines for the first time. This one was born either in 1940 or '41; made in Switzerland. He did a thorough job with the service, but was unable to source a drive belt. The original belt was slack and he suggested that it still works well if a helping hand is applied when starting. Not good for a collector!

I paid him his $60 tax free and on the way home saw an industrial parts supplier and managed to get an identical belt for the outrageous fee of $3.05. The new belt is an industrial 'O' ring.

Tonight the major Lotto prize is $30m. A bit of that would be nice.


Bernie said...

Good luck.....

Honey Pot Quilter said...

Just a note from a fellow SCQuilter. Joan was thought of this past weekend by fellow SCQuilters at the annual retreat. There were several knitting the twisted scarf that she had shared the pattern with.
There is probably several SCQuilters who would be interested in the little Elna?

Kev said...

I haven't sought out a value for the Elna, but would be happy to have people come and play with it.

Joan always enjoyed the retreat. I miss her terribly.


Tor Magnussen said...

I like the Elna Grasshopper, and I have by one. I need a manual. Does anyone have for sale, or pdf for a nice price?

I should also like to have a reduction gear. Do someone know ho to get/by a gear?

Tor Magnussen