Thursday, January 10, 2013

Animal cruelty

I am unsure how a people are determined to be civilised.  Is it through their system of government?  Is it because of their religion, arts and culture. Is it because of the way they treat each other and animals?
Australian exports of live sheep and cattle go to places which seem to care little about the treatment of animals. I surmise that those peoples assume that as the animal is to be slaughtered, it matters little how it is treated before being slaughtered.  More evidence of cruelty to Australian beef exports showed up in the local paper a couple of days ago. 

I wear sandals because of a problem I have with hot feet.   Every time I go out I manage to get at least one pebble in a sandal which requires a soft shoe dance or sandal removal to get rid of the pebble.  What did the Romans do whilst in the heat of battle, or road, viaduct or Colosseum construction when they got pebbles in their sandals?
                                    Roman sandal

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Bernie said...

I couldn't4 bare to look at that picture, that is horrible. My dad always says a dog knows a man's character instantly.......big hugs