Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bird of Paradise

Eeek!  Apple Computer shares took a tumble!  They are now worth only  $US458.30 each share.  Wish I had taken them up when Apple booted Steve Jobs out in 1985 when the shares were around $US 22.00 each.

The media seems to seize on anything that happens at Apple predicting doom.   On the ‘net’ one can find thousands of people showering invective on Apple and Apple users.  Nutters!

Although I taught in Papua New Guinea for around 10 years, I never saw a Bird of Paradise in the wild.  I have seen them in a bird park, but have never seen them do the various mating dances.  Here is a short  film courtesy of Cornell University showing the wonderful plumage and dances the males perform to attract mates.  

I have only crows, magpies and mudlarks in my backyard.   The magpies are unafraid and venture into the house if I leave a door ajar. Even though I feed ‘em they pay me back by crapping on the tiles.   The crows are very timid and seem to realise that they are not the world’s favourite bird.  Don’t think a crow will ever eat from my hand as the magpies do.

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