Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old Geezer's walking Stick

I dropped in on Carole and Dennis this morning.  Den is pushing to buy an iPad and Carole has caved in and he is picking it up tomorrow.  I gave him a short intro on its use (I am also new to the iPad and am on a gentle learning curve).  I am a better two-finger typist on a regular keyboard than I am on the iPad keyboard.  I am also a slow texter (is that the correct term) on the phone.

I will take it with me to Bali.  

Dennis recently received a Xmas gift from his kids.  It is an old Geezer’s walking stick with a rear vision mirror, bicycle bell and foam rubber drink holder.  He reckons that if he had any real money he would disinherit his kids.

Yesterday I had a visit from an ex-student Mel and her mother.  Mel is over from Melbourne for her brother's engagement party.  She asked me to take the photos, but I begged off and loaned her my camera gear.  Too old for that stuff!

Mel and Mum in a photo pinched from Mel's Facebook page.

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Bernie said...

Hi Kev, I am planning on buying an iPad in the next few days. I am still not sure Can I do everything with it as I do my laptop or iPhone? I am going to Calgary next weekend to stay with my great nieces as my niece and her husband go away for some couple time and hopefully they can show me how to get the most of it as they both have them. I think its wonderful how your students come to visit, shows they appreciate your contribution to their lives.....:-)