Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good luck stories

Martin rode his bike over to a nearby suburb to get a script filled at the pharmacy.  Bit of a panic when he came home and realised that he had lost the house keys.  We jumped in the car and retraced his route home, but no luck.    The keys weren’t labelled with a name or address, so I had two new keys cut.  Later Martin went back to the small shopping centre and found that someone had handed them in to the pharmacy.  Amazing as there are lots of odd folk around there.  Thanks to whoever was the good Samaritan.

Yesterday I listened to a radio interview with a Australian Rules Football commentator.  This fellow is known Australia wide as probably the best commentator on the big game.  He mentioned that when he was still a footy star back in the 70s his name was pulled out of the barrel for the Vietnam draft.  When he fronted for the medical, both he and another star footy player were rejected because of a BS (read false) medical condition.   Both knew that they were given an out.  A couple of years ago a state cricketer drove drunk, ran into a couple of parked cars and ran from the scene.  In court he was about to lose his driver’s licence, but pleaded that he didn’t know how to read the bus timetables to get to cricket practice, so the beak let him keep his licence.   The magistrate was most probably a cricket tragic.
Lucky for some!


Anonymous said...

Kev, Why don't you leave the keys under the mat like everyone else ,or put them under a pot plant?????If you are a sports hero you get away with anything it seems...Glad you found the keys. Marg

Bernie said...

I don't feel a sports hero should be treated any different, if they break the law then they should be penalized.
I too am glad that Martin found your keys and it is nice to know there are still good people in our world.....:-)