Friday, January 4, 2013

Kitchen renovation

My daughter and husband have just finished renovating and painting their kitchen and lounge area.  The painting was a major team effort.  Greg and Claire came up from Busselton down south and spent last weekend at Helen and James’ house. Greg is a professional painter and he directed the team over the two days filling, sanding and painting.  Nice job!
Yesterday the Bamboo floor was installed.  It is tough material and should withstand the hard times their two dogs will give it.  A tiler gave them a bit of pain when he finished the job and left several tiles cracked and chipped.   With a bit of gentle persuasion, he returned and removed the damaged tiles and laid new ones.   The final touch is a small job for the electrician to mount the wall outlets in the new tiling.

Took a while, but it is very nice.
                                  Click to enlarge

At 73 years of age, I am not really into Facebook, however I was talked into taking a look at it by a friend.   It wasn’t long before I had registered and friends and ex-students were sending those  ‘Jo Blogs wants to be your friend’ notices.  I agreed to most of them and I have around 60 ‘friends’.  I don’t actually talk much with any of them on Facebook, but they are still people I like.

I got a bit of a shock when I received notification of a comment about me on one of my ‘friend’s’ pages.    The comment said...’Kevin Lock, continuing predator’.     I don’t know this person although when I went to his Facebook page I see where he is living and that he was a student at the same school as most of my ex-student ‘friends’.

This fellow may have thought he was writing it to just that one person, but the comment appears on all the ‘friends’ of that person’s pages.  I immediately wrote a comment saying that I hope he wrote that in jest.  No reply for two days, so I again wrote suggesting that it was defamation.  After a couple of days he deleted the comment and I deleted my two comments.    I was shaken by this throwaway remark and it reinforced what I have read about young people being bullied online and committing suicide.

The worst part of this is that it may have sewn a seed of doubt in some readers minds about my character and my entire teaching career.


Bernie said...

Helen's kitchen looks lovely, love it. Will look for you on Facebook, xo

Anonymous said...

Kev, The kitchen looks great. Hope it stands up to the dogs. My cork tiles are a disaster with my two dogs claws, That comment isn't worth talking about . Disregard it ,It would have been said in jest,Marg