Monday, January 28, 2013

Jacob and Josef Kohn furniture

I have just done some repairs on an old bentwood chair.  The labels underneath the seat tells me it was made by J & J Kohn in Austria, probably about 100 years ago.  These chairs are not unique, thousands of them were made in four factories in Austria, Moravia (Google that one), Poland and Russia.  By 1900, J & J Kohn employed 6,300 workers in their factories producing 5,500 pieces of furniture per day.   When we returned from six years teaching in Papua New Guinea we had bought a colonial residence in the suburb of Bicton and a dining suite of Kohn chairs was in the house.  They are still in good condition.
                   I built the table to sort of match the chairs.

By the time Adolph came to power, J & J Kohn had long gone and their company had merged with a German furniture maker.  Wouldn't have been good to have a business name of Kohn then.


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