Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cardiac stuff

In the past; Doctors (GPs) did everything...home visits, tonsillectomies, appendectomies, sutures of small wounds and everyone seemed to survive....I did.  These days,  Technology reins.  I had an ex-ray, then a CT Scan, then a referral to a Cardiologist who today suggested I needed an Angiogram which he will conduct on Friday.    There seems to be a specialisation of services which has followed the technology of the computer age and I am quite happy that my treatment is more precise than that of my youth.
A scan showed that I had calcification of a vein into my heart which could be of concern. I doubt that that could have been accurately determined 50 years ago. The Angiogram will, I understand, run a test which will tell the man if the calcification is restricting blood flow to my heart and suggest that all is OK, or that I need a bypass op.   Don’t care too much as I have had 73 years of a successful life and I am not enjoying being without my late wife Joan too much.

I am off to hospital on Friday at mid-day and should be discharged around 6pm.  Not allowed to drive, so my friend Dennis is delivering me to hospital and bro Graham collecting me when I am able to call him around 6pm.

As Willy Wonker said....’Strike that, reverse it’,  I am hoping for a good result.


Bernie said...

Keeping you in my thoughts Kev, hope all will go well for you. I know it is hard without Joan, it's been 20 years since my Woody passed away and I still miss him very much. One day at a time my friend, xo

Anonymous said...

Kev, We all know how much you miss Joan, I miss Haddon very much, but life goes on and weren't we lucky to have had so many happy years with our partners. Hope all goes well today Kev. I mean I hope you survive the car journey with Den....Joking,,,Marg

Jim Meehan said...

Hi Kev,
Good luck with today's procedure and hope the results are AOK.