Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have been getting ready for the road trip to Kalgoorlie.  We head off at around 9am tomorrow and it is around an 7 hour drive.  I am ironing trousers and shirts, which is not something that I usually do.  Kalgoorlie isn’t a town that demands a certain standard of dress, but my two companions, Joy and Margaret are taking their Ball gowns, so I guess I should dress for breakfast at McDonalds.

The report from the ECG I recently had was  too complex for me to fully understand without the help of Mr Google and my GP gave me a referral to a Cardiologist.    He assures me that I am not going to die at the wheel en route to Kal, but Margaret and Joy seem a little doubtful and are boning up on the use of their mobiles so that they can call for help when I run off the road into a tree.

The current weather is very windy and we should save a lot of fuel by being propelled east by the wind.

Any medicos out there who can interpret the big words on the results below?

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