Friday, May 17, 2013

The Angiogram

Well today was the day....I had the Angiogram and I am pleased to say that it was not an unpleasant experience and the results showed that an artery was estimated to be 50% blocked with calcification.

The Cardiologist told me that that level of calcification needed to be monitored, but not treated with  a stent or bypass at this stage.  Good news for me.

The nursing staff and operating theatre staff were efficient and most pleasant.  One nurse, Fran, was assigned to me (and probably to others as well)  but she made me feel as though I was somewhat special.  As an oldie I liked that.

The actual procedure was interesting and as I was conscious was able to follow the whole thing.  A port was inserted in my inner elbow to give me some relaxant meds. Another was inserted in my groin for the tube which would release a dye into the artery near my heart to enable a clear image scan of the calcified artery.  I was able to view the procedure on a TV screen and could clearly see the constriction.

Brother Graham collected me at 5pm and I was home in no time for a couple of coffees.

I have a referral for a stress test in six months and if anything shows further deterioration, a stent might be inserted to widen the constricted artery.

That over, I can go ahead with bookings for flights and hotel in Sydney town on our South Pacific Cruise on July 1st.

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Bernie said...

So glad all worked out Kev, now you can really enjoy your cruise. Have a great weekend.