Friday, May 3, 2013


I have had an ECG on my blood pump.  The results show some highs and lows with the heartbeat, but the gal who did the ECG told me that this is not uncommon.  I will meet with my GP on Monday and see what he makes of the Physician’s report.  I have enquired about travel insurance and if the heart results are to be a problem, I can get cover for all the other things that could happen on our cruise.

Next Thursday we are off on the Kalgoorlie road trip.  I found a photograph of the small carriage my uncle used as his house and office for a year when he was sent to the end of the Wood Line circa 1940.    One old, scratched, underexposed photo from that time and another of the same carriage as it is at the Kalgoorlie Museum.  I previously mentioned my uncle’s first posting to Kalgoorlie when he joined the Western Australian Police Force in 1938. See here

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Anonymous said...

Kev, Does this mean we won't be doing the night clubs in Kal,? I hope that being locked in a car for 7 hours isn't going to be too much for you Kev. We should break the trip up and stay in some hotel half way to Kalgoorlie. Seriously..Marg