Friday, May 24, 2013

PNG Expatriates

I have just returned home from a pleasant get-together of around 10 folk who lived and worked in Papua New Guinea.  There was one young bloke amongst us, Greg, who introduced himself and also told me that he reads my blog.  First time I have met someone I had not known before who reads my blog.  Life is full of coincidences.
Greg who seems to be accustomed to holding up a number

The rest of us are all around 70 and I’m guessing Greg is in his 50s.  He still has a business interest in Papua New Guinea and travels there up to five times a year.  I might offer to carry his bags on one of his trips.

The gathering was at the Zamia restaurant in Kings Park.  Most ex PNG types settled back on the eastern seaboard of Australia, many in tropical Queensland.  And seeing that the Western Australians are scattered around a state which a fair bit of Europe could be squeezed into, large gatherings are unlikely.   It was almost a reunion as I had previously met three of the attendees at another function. 

                                                      The mob, sans Kev

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