Tuesday, May 21, 2013

House inspection

I had a neighbour’s cat visit today on an inspection tour.  She/He/it checked out every room and seemed quite satisfied that it would be a good place to live or at least visit.  I don’t know exactly where it lives, but it cruises past about one a month and drops in for a visit.

I recently found some photographs of an airstrip at Kikori in the Gulf of Papua which was my first posting in 1962 when I taught there.    Back then there was no airstrip and all flights in and out were made in the wonderful Catalina flying boat.   The current airstrip is not operational because of lack of maintenance on the Marsden Matting.  Marsden Matting was used all over the Pacific in WW2 by U.S. forces to make swampy/sandy land into solid landing strips.  As I recall it was often like landing on a collander with water and mud shooting up onto the bottom of aircraft through the holes.  Very noisy landings too.


Anonymous said...

The cat looks like a mouser. Paul W.

Bernie said...

Well he/she/it is company for one day a month....enjoyed the photos. xo