Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travel insurance

Brother Graham has sold his house unit and has already bought another in the suburb of Ardross.   He moves in in June.  Meantime he wants to go on a cruise and has asked me to accompany him.  Sounds good to me!
Yesterday we selected the cruise and deluxe cabin with a balcony.  Once we confirm the booking, we have three days to pay to secure that deal. The ship, a P & O liner, Pacific Sunrise, departing  from Sydney, goes to New Caledonia and on to a few other islands close to New Caledonia. About six years ago, Joan and I, along with Joan's sister Dorothy and husband Mike, did a similar trip to the South Pacific.  It was most pleasant.

I had a sudden problem where my GP sent me for a CT scan of my lungs after an Xray.  There were some plaque-like images on the Xray and he thought it best to see a clearer image of the lungs.  I figured that it was best to determine if there was any urgency to commence treatment before we paid up for the cruise.  The scan results were back today and the GP  informed me that there was nothing of immediate concern….except a calcified blood vessel into my heart and missing heart beats.  The images on the Xray were probably from a contact with TB in Papua New Guinea in the 1960s.    There goes my travel insurance.
I am having an initial ECG tomorrow and depending on the results, a further stress-test ECG later.  I thought of telling  a few 'porkies' when applying for Travel Insurance, but I reckon if something went wrong the insurance company would be talking to my GP about my medical history.  I will investigate the possibility of insurance excluding heart conditions.

Previous to today, I thought conditions of the heart were confined to romance.

A little over three years ago, my wife Joan and I paid up for a cruise to Indonesia and ports back down the Western Australian coast to Fremantle.  She was diagnosed with advanced bowel, liver and lung cancer and we had to cancel to commence the battle against the beast.  Our travel insurance refunded all the monies we had paid. 

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