Sunday, September 29, 2013

A 70th birthday celebration

last night our daughter Helen and brother Graham joined me and we drove North of the River to my sister-in-law’s place for her 70th birthday party.  I drove my car there and Helen was the nominated skipper and she drove us home.  A good party with lots of familiar old faces and much animated conversation brought on by Dorothy’s cocktails.

                                     Princess Dorothy dispensing cocktails

                                            Johnny Howard also turned up

                     We bought her two fine Australian bubblies and attached this card....

Our son Martin is ready to return to work if they haven't already decided they can find someone else to take his job.  His painful problem with a gallstone and enlarged Pancreas has calmed down.  I hope he can easily get back into work and not have the problem recur.

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Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Dorothy. Sounds like a fun party.
Sorry to hear Martin has been unwell, gallstones are no fun so hopefully his work will understand. If not Kev, you are right to advise him to look for employment elsewhere.
Hope all is going well, xo